Friday, 13 November 2009

Size of paintings

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  1. Hey Amy, just looked through the images you have uploaded and I love the consistency that is in your work. What I mean is that you have a certain style with regards to the colour you use, your images do not represent human colour yet I still see them as figurative paintings. The important thing is that it’s your own style and if I was to see them in a gallery etc I would know whose they were. Good work you must be proud, looking forward to seeing more of your work throughout your time at University. Here is a link to my group and also be sure to add me on Facebook at Steph Art Woulds.



Hi Viewers and welcome to my blog.
My name is Amy Sharpe and I am a contemporary artist from London.

I am using this blog to present a collection of my art work over the years, during my practice as an artist. My paintings are mostly figurative and oil based.

Feel free to have a look at my work, revisit my blog, and contact me at any time, as I will be revealing my latest work, and ideas on a regular basis.

Thank you, 
Amy Sharpe


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I am a twenty two year old contemporary artist from London, who has a passion for painting figurative work, with influences in Greek mythology, religion, culture and especially old family photographs. I am an Art and Design graduate from Leeds University where I am currently preparing for my degree show. My paintings have been described as very colourful, and that my work has a unique style about it, sometimes distorted with exaggerated character traits and expressions. I like to work from photographs using models who are close to me, family members, friends or even sometimes myself.